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Working with successful organisations for over 15 years has given TMR Consulting the opportunity to build its expertise in a wide variety of areas and across a range of industries. In HR, generalist as well as specialist skills are needed.   It's no good being an expert in Management Development if you don't understand how this impacts on the rest of the organisation.

TMR Consulting has worked internationally for many of its clients.   We understand that the process for hiring a Sales Director in Italy will be very different from the process in the UK.   Culturally, the way you would run an Assessment Centre in Singapore would vary from how this was done in Germany.   With HR support available in English, French, Italian and Spanish, some of the more tricky cultural obstacles are more easily overcome.   TMR consulting has experience of working in the UK, US, Singapore, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Poland and Germany.

We like to think of ourselves as "Specialist Generalists".   With such extensive experience we've seen and done just about most things in HR.   Work for clients over the years has included Recruitment, Assessment and Development Centres, Training and Management Development, Coaching, Organisational Change and Psychometric Testing and Profiling.   If you would like to discuss some of our client projects in more detail, please contact us.

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